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Practical IEQ

Think back. How many customers have confided in you about their allergies, about children who suffer from respiratory problems, about family members who suffer from asthma or emphysema. It seems they believe that, if they could just clean up their home or work area, most of their problems would disappear – or as a minimum, they’d get a little relief!

Many of their problems are related to indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and it doesn’t take an physician to recommend a few practical, common-sense solutions that can provide immediate relief. The good news is that many of those common-sense solutions relate to things professional cleaners already know, things like trapping soil with entry mats, proper vacuuming, using more efficient HVAC filters, and programmed cleaning. All it takes is a little extra education to put those solutions into perspective.

Of course, that’s what Practical IEQ is all about. This exclusive Clean Care Seminars course has 4 sections or modules. They’re packed with the information you need to make your home or business a healthier place in which to live and work, while helping your customers do the same. The extra benefit to professionals is that you get to make money providing many of the solutions. In turn, you’ll earn your customer’s undying gratitude – along with future business!

Check the list of information covered:

  • In Module 1 we’ll start with an introduction to IEQ issues, and examine an EPA study that conclusively proves the effectiveness of cleaning and maintenance – a great tool for selling contract cleaning work!
  • In Module 2 we’ll talk about contributors to reduced IEQ, in 3 categories. The first is particles (sizes, settling rates; environmental tobacco smoke, asbestos). The second is biologicals: definitions, growth requirements, examples of biopollutants, and human health effects. The third category covers volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, including gasses and vapors from coatings, furnishings, cleaners, and occupant activities.
  • In Module 3 we’ll cover practical solutions to common IEQ problems, including: humidity control, proper ventilation, maintenance of HVAC systems, controlling pets, insect control (cockroaches, dust mites), fungi (mold) control, particle soil control, vacuuming, professional cleaning, and proper fire and water restoration.
  • In Module 4 we’ll summarize and point out the need for a holistic, rather than single-source approach to solving IEQ issues.

The unique thing about Clean Care Seminars Practical IEQ is that it includes hundreds of slides, and video analysis of real-life household problems that you won’t see in any other course. You’ll not only be able to create a healthier environment for your family, but you’ll start giving practical advice to your customers. This establishes a long-term business relationship that will last for years.

No, this isn’t yet an IICRC-approved course for certification. However, it does qualify for the Continuing Education Credits (CECs) required to maintain certification status.

With our money-back guarantee and discounts for two or more from the same company, you can’t afford to miss this information-packed, dynamic course. Be the first in your market to advance to the next plateau in cleaning professionalism and quality.

Don’t put this decision off. Call today 800-455-4278 for registration, or additional information.


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