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Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician (CMT)

Dear Cleaning Industry Professional, That’s you isn’t it? . .  Professional? “Well I certainly hope so,” you say. What’s the difference?

OK.What really is the difference between amateur and professional carpet cleaning? Indeed, what’s the difference between residential and commercial cleaning? First, amateurs versus professionals.  It’s not just the bait-and-switch tactics, the inexperience, the size of the amateur cleaner’s business.  Increasingly it’s education, it’s mastery of the details of cleaning that separates professionals from amateurs.

Why commercial carpet cleaning? Why not just residential?
Hey, nothing wrong with residential cleaning. In fact, most homeowners give more attention to carpet maintenance, and you only have one person to please. So just what is the difference?
• Maintenance Neglect – In the commercial setting, even though the carpet is more durable – more forgiving you might say – often maintenance is neglected until the carpet’s totally “trashed out.”  Then, you’re called in and expected to work “magic” with that cleaning wand of yours.
• Multiple Methods – In residences, only one method of cleaning is used; typically, that’s hot-water extraction or “steam cleaning.”  In commercial buildings, methods are divided into interim maintenance and restorative systems.  Usually, on commercial carpet at least 2 methods are used.  And you’d better be familiar with the difference!
• Larger Quantities – We aren’t talking jobs that average 600-900 square feet anymore.  10,000 is more typical, with jobs ranging to 100,000+ sf.  Do you know how to equip, organize, direct, and control multiple crews maintenance cleaning some 3000-5000 sf/hour, and restoring 2000 + sf/hour?
• Safety – On residential jobs safety is important, but it’s hardly an issue.  Jobs are small and the only safety monitor is the homeowner.  You really have to do something stupid to get in trouble there.  Commercial jobs?  You and your coworkers are under scrutiny by all sorts of safety experts.  Avoiding liability problems isn’t difficult, you just have to know the basics that we teach.
• Environmental Quality Issues – IEQ issues are nice to know about on residential jobs, but realistically, you can’t get into too much trouble there when you’re trying to please only one customer who wants to be in the home anyway.  But walk into a commercial building and suddenly you have 50, 100, or more customers just waiting for you to make a mistake so they can go home and figure out a way to have you fund their retirement! Yipes!

Well sure.  That’s what Clean Care Seminars’ exclusive 3-day Commercial Carpet Maintenance and Cleaning Course is all about.  You’ll walk a way knowing:
• The Basics, of course! – Rest assured this isn’t a rehash of our 2-day residential course.  Sure you’ll learn all about fibers, yarns, construction, dyeing, but with a decidedly commercial emphasis.  We’ll leave out fibers that you never see in commercial carpet.  We include actual video footage of weaving, since commercial woven carpet is double that of residential.  We’ll discuss why 70% of commercial carpet is made with pre-dyed BCF, as opposed to only 30% residential. Lots of differences here!
• Job Evaluation – Learn how to evaluate commercial carpet and designate light, medium, or heavy traffic.  We’ll demo optimum methods for cleaning light, medium, and heavy soil – even trashed-out, or “concrete carpet.”  We even provide a sample contract to help you in setting up a typical commercial job.
• Demonstrations – To my knowledge, this is the industry’s only cleaning course in which you’ll see 4 of the 5 methods covered in IICRC S001 actually demonstrated on commercial carpet. You’ve got to see it to believe it!
• Job Site safety – Our course has a module on safety that includes OSHA’s top 10 violations.
• IEQ Issues – We have an entire module that goes into commercial IEQ to enable you to out-sell competitors, and avoid liability problems associated with this sensitive issue.  We include a summary chart of an EPA study that conclusively proves the effectiveness of professional cleaning.
• Problems/Solutions – This is one course that tackles all the tough problems: oily tracking, ice melt compounds, yellowing, browning, rippling – you name it.  And we provide solutions that work!

Why 3 days?  Everybody else teaches commercial cleaning in 2?
Know why some – not all – instructors teach commercial cleaning in 2 days?  It’s because the IICRC specifies a minimum of 2 days; mind you, they don’t set a maximum.  More experienced instructors are teaching this course in 3 days.  You simply get 8 hours, fully 40% more information.  Further, you get hands-on demos that there simply isn’t time to include in other courses.

And if you’re looking to pass the IICRC Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician exam with flying colors, you’ll not only have an additional day to study the information, you can participate in practice quizzes that follow each module of instruction.  No, we aren’t “teaching the test” or guaranteeing that you’ll pass without some work on your part.  You simply have much more time to study the information and prepare for the exam. Remember, quality education takes a commitment on your part too!

Money-back guarantee! OK.  Here’s the fine print.  Sign up for our course and if, after the first day, you aren’t convinced that it’s the most information-filled, action-packed course you’ve ever attended, simply say, “I’m out of here.”  We’ll refund 100% of your tuition, and write an apology for wasting your time.  That’s how confident we are that you’ll be totally pleased with your investment in money, and, more importantly, your time.

Ready for a quality commitment? . .  Well, that’s the scoop.  Now it’s up to you.  You can continue to make excuses (costs too much, out of the way, too much time, not worth the effort), or you can get on the cutting edge of commercial carpet cleaning technology.  Fill out our registration form, or just pick up the phone and call 800 455-4278 or 334-446-1531 or Contact Us with your questions.  We’ll be glad to help you become a true cleaning professional.

Wait a minute! Don’t put this off only to wish you’d acted a month after the course is over.  Act now!  We both know this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.  Besides, we look forward to being your host.  At least call and ask your questions.  That’s 800 455-4278. We’re here to help.

Call today 800-455-4278 or 334-446-1531 for registration or Contact Us, for additional information.

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