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Owner/Manager Course (OM)

OK. What’s the biggest problem facing professional cleaning service businesses today? Is it having the technical expertise to process work? . . Is it selling enough work to keep production units busy? . . Is it keeping all the money that flows through the front door from exiting immediately through the back door? . .

Often an enterprising individual goes in business to fulfill the “American Dream,” to become “the boss,” to control his destiny. Because of that aggressive attitude and personal attention to detail, you become successful and decide to expand. This decision forces you, prepared or not, to become a manager – manager of people, assets and programs.

No longer are you concerned exclusively about self motivation. Now, you must transfer your positive attitude to employees. You must tell and show others how to do things you’ve always taken for granted. But as you become more involved in organizing, directing and controlling the business, effective communication becomes increasingly difficult. Relaying your hopes, dreams and desires to employees becomes confused, and everyone loses sight of company goals. Fighting brush fires becomes routine.

Suddenly, the “American Dream” has become a monster, one that controls your life and time to the exclusion of family, friends, and the personal satisfaction you once enjoyed as an owner/operator. In total frustration you cry out, “How could this happen? Where did I go wrong?” and, moreover, “Can this situation be corrected?”

We don’t have all the answers, but the Owner/Manager Course is a great place to start! It begins with 3 simple tests to determine your management aptitude. We’ll talk about that dream you have; how to get it organized, how to share it effectively with others. We’ll actually set your financial goals, so that you’ll leave knowing what each production unit must make each day of the coming year. Best of all, you’ll leave with a tool that gets employees eager to help generate the income that pays the bills!

We’ll discuss getting organized. You’ll create a personalized organizational chart, company policy, job descriptions. You’ll leave knowing how to select those “good people” everyone claims are impossible to find. Then, you’ll learn to compensate them with commission programs that allow them to be part of the company’s success.

We’ll discuss the clientele to target in your advertising and sales programs. We’ll cover how to evaluate and select the right media to promote your services, and how to sell using the option sales approach. When you leave this course, you’ll know exactly how to get 35-50¢ per square foot for carpet cleaning services.

You’ll find out how to “lock in” residential customers with the Carefree Carpet Cleaning program, how to even out cash flow. Learn how to eliminate the competition in commercial contracts through a unique system that’s guaranteed to work! Take home “real-life” contract samples that illustrate how it’s actually done. We’ll even discuss how to formulate your own logical pricing guide.

As an added benefit, you get to meet and network with other business owners and managers in your region of the country. That alone is an enormous potential benefit. Haven’t you procrastinated long enough? . . Isn’t it time you started running your business, instead of the business running you? . .

Fill out our registration form, or call 800 455-4278 to ask about the Owner/ Manager Course.


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