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Carpet Repair & Reinstallation Tech (RRT)

Carpet Repair & Reinstallation Tech (RRT) 2-day course

Jim Carfield is one of the industry’s foremost authorities on carpet specification and installation. With over 30 years experience, Jim’s firm still sells a variety of floor covering materials and runs multiple installation crews in central Indiana. A dynamic personality and down-to-earth instructor; over 2/3 of Jim’s course is hands-on!

Show me a home or business that needs carpet cleaning and I’ll show you one that needs repair services as well. “Why don’t I see that need on my jobs?” you ask.

That’s probably because you haven’t been trained to look for them. Maybe it’s because you lack confidence in your repair skills, and you don’t want to see the opportunities. For a small investment in a box with a few tools, you, like hundreds of other IICRC Certified Technicians, can cash in on thousands in extra income from carpet repair.

Still not convinced? Well, try this . . .Have you been putting off diversifying into water restoration services? Don’t feel qualified to handle those claims? How much are you paying subs to reinstall carpet that’s premeasured, precut, and already has the tackless in place? How much extra money could you or your crews earn if they could reinstall carpet? How much more convenient would that be for you and your customers?

Not interested in the money? Well, how bout learning repair and reinstallation simply to protect yourself from problems, caused by installers, that get blamed on you? That’s reason enough to get educated in carpet repair and reinstallation!

“So what’s the course cover?” you ask. Actually, it’s divided into 3 sections that cover the following:

General Discussion

  • We’ll start with the opportunities presented in carpet repair and reinstallation. Real income!
  • We’ll discuss the tools, equipment, and supplies you need to do the job right.
  • We’ll talk about carpet constructions/styles, and how they effect installation – yes, Berbers too!
  • We’ll get into installation types, from the oldest to the newest, how to recognize and deal with them according installation standards, CRI 104-105. You’ll leave the course knowing more about proper installation than most installers!
  • We’ll cover the installation sequence in detail, with step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

Carpet Repair
Here’s the part you’ll really like.We’ll discuss and demonstrate a variety of common carpet repair techniques including:

  • bubbles and delamination repair
  • pulled rows in loop-pile carpet
  • burn repair, from cigarettes to large area burns
  • seam repair, using multiple techniques
  • area replacement, from small to large
  • how to eliminate rippling/buckling problems
  • strip and metal repair techniques

Installation Techniques

Learn all about proper:

  • cutting carpet fast and easy
  • seaming – hand sewing, wet latexing, hot melt
  • tackless strip selection, placement, installation
  • carpet stretching – step-by-step box stretch procedures, all demonstrated in a special 10×12 model room

“O.K., I’m convinced – well, almost. But who’s teaching the course? How do I know he’s really qualified, that he knows any more than I do?”

Fair question. Consider: This action-packed course is taught by Jim Carfield, the most dynamic instructor in the industry today. With a B.S. degree from Ball State Univ., Jim has attended all the major cleaning/restoration industry courses. With the unique perspective of a small business owner, he has over 40 years experience in sales, installation, and maintenance of carpet, vinyl, ceramic, and hardwood. Since ‘83, Jim has traveled the US and Canada teaching installation/repair to hundreds of cleaners and restorers, with hands-on demonstrations.

Jim Carfield is an IICRC-Certified Master Cleaner, Inspector, and Instructor for the Floorcovering Installation Training Council (FCIT). He’s the past Chairman of the IICRC’s Repair and Reinstallation Committee. He operates a cleaning, restoration, and floorcovering business in Indiana.

With our money-back guarantee, and discounts for those already Certified in carpet repair, you can’t afford to miss this dynamic course. Be the first in your market to move to the next plateau as a CertifiedProfessional! Call today 800-455-4278 or 334-446-1531 or Contact Us for additional information.


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