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The Blue Book


The Blue Book of Cleaning, Reconstruction, and Repair Costs – This is the industry’s “bible” for cleaning, restoration and repair costs. No, it’s not accepted by every insurance company as gospel. But if you ever wind up in arbitration or in a court proceeding where pricing is an issue, the first reference that comes out is the Blue Book. Guaranteed! Moreover, it easily pays for itself by reminding you of legitimate costs and related charges that you may be overlooking when estimating claims.

So what’s this book all about?

As the name implies, it is an effort to provide contractors with general guidelines for determining the costs of various cleaning, reconstruction or repair services in their areas of the country. It’s a collection of costs reported by contractors from specific geographical areas. Foremost, you need to know that costs are adjusted for 9 zones in which major cities in the US and Canada are placed. These zones are adjusted for the cost of living in those areas; for example, the cost of goods and services in New York or Chicago is going to be higher than that in Wyoming, Mississippi, etc. You get the idea.

Updated annually, the Blue Book has an alphabetical listing of a wide variety of services ranging from acoustical ceilings, bathrooms, carpet, and demolition . . . to painting, roofing, plumbing, and wallpaper, with many more categories in between. The “How to Use” section explains the Blue Book’s purpose, along with practical suggestions on how to apply the information to your specific situation.

The Blue Book is laced with helpful articles on subjects of interest to repair and restoration contractors. In addition, many of the sections include valuable information on measuring and calculating the amounts of construction materials needed to complete a job. This information alone justifies the price of this valuable resource. The glossary of building terms and depreciation tables are extremely helpful to beginning and experienced contractors alike.

Simply fill out the order form on this site, or call us to reserve your copy today. Discounts are available for quantity purchases.


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